Final Quarter ’08

As we near the end of this year, I  am reflecting upon what’s transpired so far. In Canada, we had an election in October, wherein Stephen Harper was re elected with a bigger minority – so thus he still is hamstrung to implement some much needed changes … starting with the Human Rights Commissions and their taxpayer supported commissars of repression. They took it on the chin, in prominent legal battles from the likes of Ezra Levant, and Mark Steyn, but new complaints / actions were then brought forward to continue the financial drain on the proponents of free speech, and freedom of expression. Other proponents, also being targeted, with less financial resources than Macleans & Steyn, are still being dragged thru the quagmire of legal harassment, and they rely on donations to help them fight. They include Connie @ FreeDominion blog, Kathy Shaidle at fivefeetoffury blog, Howard Rotberg, Stephen Boissoin, Fr. De Valk, and others. I find it truly reprehensible, that Canada honoured Henry Morgue-entaler despite the opposition of the majority of Canadians, for his unrelenting effort to kill more babies before they can be born. Margaret Sanger would be proud, as would Karl Marx. Did you ever notice that those who are pro abortion, have already been born?  I wonder what a different society we would have if all the ones who are for abortion had instead of being born, been aborted?

The US election served to prove to me that image is everything especially when a fawning media, press, and intelligentsia (I use that last word loosely), are all committed to repressing anything detrimental or negative about their candidate of choice, and totally committed as well, to total defamation of character and vilification of Sarah Palin because she committed the grievous sins of A) being Republican and conservative

B) being pro life rather than pro Aborrtion

C) having the gall to give birth to a defective child (in their eyes)

C) being “small town” and not “sophisticated” in the way they define the term

Now, folks, welcome to the USSA beginning upon inauguration day Jan 2009!

I bet even 35 yr ago the likes of Ayers, Dohrn, Alinsky, etc never thought in their lifetime Americans would elect the first neo-marxist president. Prepare for income and wealth redistribution all you hard working, successful middle class Americans! His greatness desires to give more of your money away to those he deems fit, (lke ACORN, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Black Liberation groups, etc)

It’s a sorry day for those who support the rewarding of hard work, initiative, success, and frugality combo in average everyday people. It’s of course a day for celebration for those who want to live off the state and the avails of others’ labours.