Another Challenging Blog Link

Much as those like Mark Steyn, Kathy Shaidle, Robert Spencer, Binks the Web Elf, and Ezra Levant (to name but just a few) have taken it upon themselves to blog in order to wage a war against political, social, religious, and societal apathy, indolence, blindness, and smugness, a very gutsy lady, Miriam by name, has a blog that is doing much the same in the realm of the Spiritual  and religious (not necessarily synnonymous terms) -especially in relation to our Judeo-Christian values and history, as we live in a Post-Christian world. Like the John Wesley or John the Baptist forerunners, she is seeking to rouse the sleeping body of Christ to become His agents for transformation in their localities, in order that all of society can also be transformed. She is controversial to be sure, but also challenging and one cannot dispute the need for these types in our present somnolent nations.

the link :


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