How Big Government Evolves

I watched this video and found that it explained very simply how the present reality of huge governments and their accompanying bureaucracies came to pass and continue to grow – and at what cost to us.


Another Challenging Blog Link

Much as those like Mark Steyn, Kathy Shaidle, Robert Spencer, Binks the Web Elf, and Ezra Levant (to name but just a few) have taken it upon themselves to blog in order to wage a war against political, social, religious, and societal apathy, indolence, blindness, and smugness, a very gutsy lady, Miriam by name, has a blog that is doing much the same in the realm of the Spiritual  and religious (not necessarily synnonymous terms) -especially in relation to our Judeo-Christian values and history, as we live in a Post-Christian world. Like the John Wesley or John the Baptist forerunners, she is seeking to rouse the sleeping body of Christ to become His agents for transformation in their localities, in order that all of society can also be transformed. She is controversial to be sure, but also challenging and one cannot dispute the need for these types in our present somnolent nations.

the link :

Welcome Aboard to my new WordPress Blog

I want to issue a warm and hearty welcome to all who may drop in here. First, let me state that although I am new to wordpress, and will have to learn how things are done here, I have had a blog for a couple of years at – I am going to try to transfer content to this one so will set about learning how that’s done ASAP. In the meanwhile, thanks for your patience!

The Ez Goes to Washington DC

Ezra Levant, Canada’s foremost defender of rights and freedoms, recently paid a visit to Washington to address Congress on the issues pertaining to Human Rights and the assaults thereupon. He asked them to add Canada to the list of repressive countries where freedom is being attacked or limited.Here’s a link to his post at his blog:

The Libel Tourist

I was reading a couple of online blogs, the first one was at and the second was Dust My Broom at

which featured a video about a new class of warfare called “Libel Tourism” aimed at silencing critics and oppostiion. This is truly something we in the West need to wake up and combat ferociously. I will add the video for your viewing.

Interesting readings

I have been reading an anthology of Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s books – the first one contains the three related books “The God Who Is There”, “Escape From Reason”, and “He Is There And He Is Not Silent”. I have yeet to find a better elucidation of the evolution of Western Societies and their values, arts, philosophies, and theologies. Schaeffer traces the birth of the “line of despair” and all its ramifications. I believe it shows that the modern secular existentialistic and humanistic society with all its relativism, leaves no viable basis for the values with which these societies are trying to conduct themselves both individually and corporately, and that they have no foundationi anymore for ethics and morals – rather they are living on the traces of past generations’ foundations that still exist probably to the principle of inertia at work.