Enlightening Passionate Blogs

I have been imbibing the wine of some great blogs over the last few months and thought I would make a short post including the links to them.
Kathy Shaidle’s : http://www.fivefeetoffury.com

Binky’s Free Mark Steyn blog: http://steynian.wordpress.com/2008/05/28/steynianism-153/

Kate McMillen’s Small Dead Animals: http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/archives/008784.html

Proud to be Canadian: http://www.proudtobecanadian.ca/index/weblog/comments/canadas_navy_in_valiant_anti_piracy_maneuvers_off_africa_msm_busy_covering/

Weasel Zippers: http://www.weaselzippers.net/blog/2008/05/report-50000-100000-polygamous-muslims-living-in-america.html


Almost Halfway Thru 08

Well, things have been sure heating up in Canada during the first half of this year. The Human Rights Commissions (HRC) commissars, in Ontario, decided that they weren’t in authority to rule on the Macleans magazine & columnist Mark Steyn case (wherein three Muslim law students brought a complaint on behalf of Dr. Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress) against them for publishing an article which excerpted Mark’s best selling book “America Alone”. In it, Mark shows how present demographic trends coupled with immigration trends, is likely to have a society-changing impact on the West, unless they find their collective sanity, and gonads, to confront those who want to recast their societies in the image of Islam. Mark skillfully, points out that the spiritual vacuum that has overtaken most of them in the post-Christian era, has not been found to be sufficiently entrancing, to win converts to the hedonistic, humanistic, self-seeking way of life evidenced by most. Even some youth born in the West have been attracted to radical Islam. At any rate, these students wanted to take over a section of Macleans to rebut Mark, with full editorial control over their contribution (Macleans would have to agree to hands off), and some other ludicrous demands. Ezra Levant, another Canadian up before the same commissars in the HRC politburos, for publishing the Mohammed cartoons for Canadians to judge for themselves what the fuss was all about, and if it was justified to them, has spent over $100K so far fighting these quasi or pseudo judicial type bodies. He’s also one of the most articulate opponents they could have chosen to do battle with. He vid taped his hearing and put it up on youtube for the whole world to see how “unfree” these commissars want our land to be. Christian pastors and printers have been targeted too, for their beliefs on the wrongness of homosexuality. A bar owner was found guilty (he gave up as his legal bills were too high) of hatefulness towards a pot smoker who decided to smoke in the doorway to the bar, and became “all offended” when asked to take it somewhere else. A Toronto surgeon who specialises in labiaplasty declined business from 2 transsexuals (formerly male) who were unhappy with their lips. His reason was he was only experienced with biological women and had no idea what he might be getting into with them. Rather than find another surgeon they took him to the HRC and he’s presently spending oodles of cash, on legal bills, to fight the charges of hate crime.
George Orwell must be rolling in his grave!
Fortunately the Canadian blogosphere is fighting back and after some time of going it alone, has now woken some Mainstream Media (like the National Post) to join the fray, as well as some elected members of the Federal Government (who are bringing forth an amendment to curb certain powers of the HRC).
Spiritually, it’s been interesting the last few months – some ups and downs – but am having interesting dialogues from time to time with atheists and Muslims both. It’s all been quite reason-able and no name calling or yelling … 🙂