2007 is almost over!

As this year ends, I have been doing a lot of thinking about a lot of issues.In my country, Canada, I am thankful that all the oppositions’ threats, Mr. Harper’s minority government still stands, unbowed so far. I am thankful for the tax cuts he has instituted, and for his common sense approach to world affairs. I am also thankful, that unlike previous Liberal governments, there had been no “crapping on he US” or its leader(s). I was ashamed of my government at that time that certain members were mouthing off – I felt they embarrassed us all.
I have found some new blogs that have stimulated my spiritual side – one is Mike Boldea’s found at http://www.mikeboldea.blogspot.com/
I have spent quite a bit of time this year trying to rouse my fellow countrymen (women) with whom I come in contact, from their usual torpor and apathy – telling them that even the great Plato once said that, altho’ democracy was the form of government preferred, it tended to fail eventually due to apathy and laziness on the part of the voters who should have been informing themselves and voting accordingly.
Also in the political sphere, I came across this video – which frankly shocked me! –