Gleanings -Late ’07

Well here we are in November now. The year has gone by fast -soon we will be into 2008.As I reflect on the past year so far, I am mixed in my feelings about it. First, I am disappointed that the people of my province, Ontario, were so easily deceived by McGinty, and his red herring trick. The granting of the right, of those who so desire, and qualify, to be able to designate their education tax portion to the institution of their choice, should have been a no-brainer. If someone wants their child to attend a school other than a public one, or Catholic one, they should have this right. Otherwise what the government is saying, is straight out of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” (“all animals are equal but some are more equal than others”) (sub “humans” for “animals”).In this case, the Catholics are more equal than those of other denominations / faiths, because Bill Davis, in his parting shot, gave them this right. The few Catholics I talked to before the election, agreed. I guess the majority (which also comprise the single largest religious group in this province), didn’t have the benefit of anyone explaining it to them rationally, and bought the red herring trick instead.
This brings me to another point, Canadians, for the most part, seem to me, to usually be unable to handle integrity and honesty in a politician. Turn on your time machine and journey back to 1974. Honest Bob Stanfield, knowing it was true and necessary, told the Canadian voters, that a Tory government would have to bring in wage and price controls. PET (Trudeau), knew that he’d just been given a free ticket to reelection – he pounced on this, telling the voters, that if they re elected him, he wouldn’t put in wage and price controls. The result – his lie got him re elected and he put in wage and price controls very shortly afterward.
Go forward to 1993 now.Jean Chretien (PET’s protege), tells voters, if he is elected he will revoke NAFTA and the hated GST. His lie gets him elected, he reneges, and after continued flack about it, rather than shoulder the blame, he makes Sheila Copps fall on her sword, and calls a by election in her riding as a barometer of approval. Of course, she was re elected due to both sympathy and her loyal supporters, and Prince Jean went on his merry way, blithely ignoring the populace and doing whatever he pleased (like talking to “imaginary” bums on park benches with no one to witness).
More recently, the election of 2007. John Tory, got smeared in a campaign of “dirty pool” on the issue starting today’s post. McGinty lied about what impact it would have, how destructive it was, etc, and got re elected with fear mongering.
The bottom line, is that in Canadian politics Liberals tend to be the most frequent and biggest liars, anything to get elected, and the voters who don’t take time to inform themselves, and think for themselves, are responsible for their successes in elections.I won’t belabour this point today.
This is indicative of a larger problem today that is frequently addressed online in the writings of Mark Steyn, David Warren, Melanie Phillips, Mike Boldea, David Wilkerson, and others. Namely, that as most boomers age, having had a rather spoiled upbringing and life so far, not having to make the types of sacrifices that their forefathers made in WW
I & WWII for instance, and then having been too liberal in their parenting (or lack of), ensuring succeeding generations to be even more “liberal”, “secular”, “humanistic”, “degenerate” etc, that most people won’t know truth if it jumped up and smacked them upside the head. They’re only concerns relate to Mammon – ie material wealth, hedonism, following the path of least resistance. Words like “denying oneself” are verboten. Selfishness reigns supreme. This is also reflected in a lot of “religious circles”.
Jesus told His followers to expect a time in the last days, when “
the time will come when they will not endure the sound doctrine; but, having itching ears, will heap to themselves teachers after their own lusts;…”.
The vast majority of people today, want their “ears tickled” – they don’t want the searchlight of truth to penetrate the fog in which they have surrounded their thought processes, moral judgments, and tightly held beliefs. Their is only ever been one, who said “I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life, no man comes to the Father but by me”. Those who walked with Him in the days of His incarnation, said “to whom else would we go? You have the words of truth and eternal Life”.