Almost Half

We are now almost halfway through 2007. As I survey the last 6 months, I have watched with interest a number of interesting developments. Politically, the people of Canada seem to be saying that they are happy with the governing situation the way it is, ie a minority government. They probably like this for several reasons, which include: the cost of having an election is avoided; the government cannot be heavy-handed in its approach as the nature of minority gov’t is that you have to find a way to work with the other MPs in order that each day isn’t a continuing impasse; and the Conservatives have demonstrated a willingness to modify their views and listen to different points of view, but reserving the right to make the final decision.This shows leadership. I have realized from the beginning of their mandate that they would have a steep learning curve about governing as most of them had no experience. Thankfully the people have been patient.
On other fronts, the need for action against terrorism and Islamic militants, has still been met with action from those who are not swayed by world opinion, because they realize that no one approaches the issues with a lack of partiality. No matter what the world press etc say, I respect Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair because of their resolve to take the fight to wherever the enemy is, in strength and to work at rooting them out and ridding the world of threats.
I still greatly admire, journalists/bloggers such as Mark Steyn, Melanie Phillips, and David Warren.
On spiritual fronts, I see much acceleration of God’s interaction in human affairs, more prophetic revelation being spoken, many miraculous healings and other manifestations, and more hungering and thirsting on the part of humans for the realm of the Spirit.
I see these things above as all positive signs that HOPE still lives in the world today if we would but seek the One who embodies Fatih & Hope & Love.