end of 2006

As the end of this year approaches, I am reminded of how quickly time passes.As a Canadian I would like to be thankful for having a government, headed by a prime minister who doesn’t prevaricate, is not afraid to take unpopular stands, and was actually able to cause change to happen at a summit of the G8 by insisting on the truth vis a vis the Lebanon crisis and its root causes. Still, most Canadians need to set aside their ingrained prejudices and sheepish mentality cultivated during many years of prevaricating Liberal governing, and re learn how to think for themselves, to search out as much information as possible from varied sources – not just those they personally have heretofore blindly followed, and weigh it carefully to arrive at balanced judgments. Mark Steyn and David Warren are two Canadian journalists who seem to have a clear grasp of world perspectives and should be included in those sources above.