The Different Drummer of Canada

The Different Drummer of Canada

I have just read the UK columnist, Melanie Phillips online article of August 5 entitled “England? No, Lemmingland”. I was very impressed by her lucidity – and frankness. She could have summed her article with a verse applicable to the Western world these days, namely, “there is none so blind, as they that WILL NOT see” (emphasis mine). Just as easily, it could also have been, “Let them who have ears to hear, let them hear”. Somehow, I think her words are falling on a lot of deaf ears (wilfully deaf), coupled with blind eyes that refuse to see. If one is familiar with the Old Testament prophets, or for that matter, the New Testament ones, such as John the Baptist, then it’s perfectly clear that just as they were resented for their messages, beaten, killed (hung, stoned, put to the sword, beheaded), and vilified by those they tried to reach, the modern day prophetic-types (not necessarily seers – but those who see what is developping, and sound the clarion call) are for the most part either decried as politically incorrect, racist, xenophobes, or alarmists. The reality of life today is, that we can play the ostrich all we like, just as the Western world did in the 1930’s, when Winston Churchill was kicked out and forced to the sidelines due to his unpopular view that Germany & Hitler, were gearing up for war against the UK and USA/Canada, and whose goal was world domination – everyone under the heel of Nazism; but, Iran and its proxies (Hizb’Allah & Hamas) have the same intention but the heel this time is intended to be that of Shariah Islam. Just as Hitler wanted to obliterate and annihilate the Jews, then his other enemies, so too are the intentions of the aforementioned terrorists and their supporters. In 1939-40, when it became apparent to even the most appeasing people, what the German threat was, they at least had a statesman the likes of Churchill to call up and lead. Sadly, there are none of his caliber readily apparent in the West today.


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