DHS Accidentally Releases Documents On Mind Control

Editor’s Note: Muckrock is a nonprofit organization that publishes government information releases obtained through FOIA requests. In this instance a federal fusion center in Washington State mistakenly released materials on mind control techniques via electromagnetic technology. The authors downplay the federal agency’s possession of the documents, writing: Now to be clear, the presence of these records (which…

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Now isn’t this a bit of a screw up eh? LOL.



New Global Currency Prophetic Dream

By Joanie Stahl April 2018 EXCERPT FROM THE ARTICLE I looked back down one more time and I could see that … Continue reading →

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big-waves-2193828__340I really appreciate Joanie’s sharing of the dreams that the LORD has been giving her. I suggest you check out this latest one because I believe it’s in the very near future this will happen.

This is NOT FAKE NEWS: California Pushing Bill to Ban Sale of Bibles (Video) — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Not only are California legislators pushing the bill to ban the sale of Bibles, they are also targeting any Christian books which speak against homosexuality and how to overcome the urges of that lifestyle. From 1.cbn.com One Step Closer to Law: Could a California Bill Ultimately Lead to the Banning of Bibles? A pro-LGBTQ bill […]

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So seeing as the Qu’ran is anti homo as well, and against other sexual abnormalities, does anyone think they will ban the Qu’ran? I bet if they try it, the Muslims will revolt and you will see angry mobs of them in the streets.

Brethren: Guard Yourselves From Deception – It is Everywhere! — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

As believers in Christ, having the Holy Spirit indwelling us; we should be able to discern spiritual matters. Why is it then that so many of the church are easily deceived? Later on in this piece, I will speak of the need for brothers and sisters in Christ to learn to discern the News presented to […]

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I made a fairly lengthy comment at the post link above explaining why this happens and what would be the way to stop it if only believers followed principles outlined in my comment but found in the scriptures.

Disturbing (To Say The Least) Info Release Re: Heinous Depravity


I chose this picture because it’s somewhat pertinent to the article I’m going to link to, but Kim is not the main focus of the article, it’s more to do with the depraved sexual assault of a young girl child, torture, murder of said child, and drinking of her blood by Hillary and Huma. I almost put a link to it on Facebook but soon thought better of it because it would likely not be allowed to remain, and I’d be in FB jail. At any rate this is the LOCATION where the story can be found.

Pincer Attack On Free Speech


n this debut of the MemoryHoleBlog’s news analysis and commentary video series we examine the lawsuits filed against Alex Jones and Infowars’ parent company on April 16, 2018. In 2017 when Jones was sued by James Alefantis over “Pizzagate” the broadcaster settled out of court and agreed to never use the term again, thus leading…

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This is fitting that Memory Hole should address this – in my mind there’s not one iota of doubt that if they’re successful (the NWO / globalist / Illminati controlled leftard media types), in putting Alex Jones out of business so to speak, aka taking Infowars down, then the quality of information that is truth that will be available to the public, will be greatly diminished as the narrative will be dominated by the forces seeking to bring down America so as to enfold it with little resistance into their planned NWO.


In a controversial set of exchanges with former Sputnik editor Bill Moran, longtime author and journalist Kurt Eichenwald described himself as being “deeply wired into the intelligence community,” further counseling Moran that writing for the Russian outlet was not helpful for his career. The two were drawn together when Moran accidentally published an email released…

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Again, this is in keeping with my decision to inform by reblogging Memory Hole’s series on the CIA and how the globalist eltes (all Luciferians) manipulate the people by shaping and controlling the media.