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Syria arming Hezbollah with 75 Soviet-era tanks

According to the report, the move comes as Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Russia have launched a “joint operations room” to coordinate their campaign to defeat the extremist Islamic State group, which has captured swathes of Syrian territory during the country’s four-year civil war, as well as the opposition groups, some linked to al-Qaeda, seeking to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Czar Putin and the Rooskies, have moved into the Middle East and I’m wondering how this jibes with the prophecies we read in our Bible, specifically Isaiah 17.  Bill Salus has posited that the Psalm 83 war, which is a regional war fought against Israel by her Arab neighbors, is next on the prophetic time-table.  I still embrace Bill’s position but now with the Russians moving into Syria and Iraq I’m beginning to wonder…

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I wanted to share with everyone an email I got from Bro. Dr. William Schnoebelen. Understand I’m posting it in here because I couldn’t find a link to it at his site, and thus I think it’s just been shared by him, thru email, to those who subscribe to newsletters, etc, from him.

I think what he shares is so important, that all should read, weigh, and pray. Here it is:

The Shmittah and September 23 – Hype and Truth

By William Schnoebelen ©2015

As we are fast approaching the supposedly apocalyptic date of 9/23/15, I feel the RUACH (Holy Spirit) is leading me to amplify some concerns that we have previously shared about this month.

Up front, let me say that I respect Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic rabbi, for his efforts to call America and the Western world to repentance. They are calls that we – ourselves – have echoed repeatedly over the past few years. Anyone who tries to get American Believers to take their faith, their prayer life and their lifestyles more seriously is doing a good work.

That being said, there are some problems with the conclusions he shares in his books and messages (and some others also teach). First of all, the Bible is pretty clear that the Shmittah (a seven year sabbath of the land) applies only when you are in Israel. While there are a LOT of things America could be judged for (abortion, immorality, occultism, etc.), failing to keep the Shmittah is not among them.

Additionally, Cahn fails to take into account that there are a LOT of problems with the rabbinical calendar upon which he relies. For one thing, there is the minor detail that due to Papal and rabbinical flummery there are around 240 years missing from our current Gregorian calendar (named after the POPE that developed it). The rabbis say this is 5776. Actually, we are in or around the year 6016! That is a rather LARGE margin of error.

Beyond that problem, his lynchpin date of September 23 is not even the real Day of Atonement. For reasons too complex to fully explore here, it is about 5 days off. Yom Kippur is actually on 9/28 this year in the Gregorian calendar. This would be true of all the other supposed Shmittah years he cites.

The other concern is his attempt to tie the stock market dips and dives and other catastrophic events to his Shmittah hypothesis. While it is true that we had 9/11 and subsequent – understandable – stock market upsets in 2001 and the major bank crashes of 2008 (7 years apart). A bit of research reveals that there were other serious stock market dives that do not fit into this seven-year pattern.

While it is undeniable that some weird, worrisome events are fast coming upon us – the papal visit to the US and the UN, the CERN Large Hadron Collider being fired up, a possible currency crisis – these all may have nothing to do with the Shmittah or the work of Yahushua. We have already exhorted our readers to pray and intercede to protect themselves, their families and our nation from these things on several occasions.

We have said repeatedly to pray AGAINST these things and other evil workings of darkness and also to pray FOR protection, repentance and revival for our families, our churches and our nation.

While it is possible that judgment is coming to America soon, this may not be what people think. These 7-year cycles may have been set off by an entirely different source – a source from hell. Let me explain. Most informed folks understand that the American (and world) economic and stock exchanges are driven by unscrupulous bankers, traders and Illuminati plutocrats. They can pretty much crash the economy whenever they would like – usually for their own enrichment or for applied spiritual terrorism against the average middle class citizen with his 401-Ks.

Please understand this: to the Brotherhood and the Illuminati types, there is NO MORE IMPORTANT DATE than 1966. It is to them what 30 AD is to Believers – as the probably year Messiah died and the rose from the dead. Why is this for devil worshippers? This is the date of the dawn of the Age of Satan. It is when the Church of Satan (their most prominent front organization) was started. It is when the sexual revolution began in the US and also the year that their supposed “anti-christ” was born on June 6.

When I was a satanic priest, I was told that this would be Anno I in a new satanic epoch. Indeed, Satanists to this mark their calendars as such and such a year A.S. (Anno Satanas – year of Satan). Seven is not just important to heaven, it is also important to the infernal kingdom as well. Why? Because Venus, the seventh planet in the occult systems is associated most closely with Lucifer. It is the Morning Star.

Because of this, the Brotherhood set up their own counterfeit version of a seven-year cycle. Remember, old splitfoot is the ultimate counterfeiter. Though it is more subtle, you guessed it – the patterns of 2008, 2001, 1994 and back from there to 1966 fit exactly. Let me just say that we do not know who is manipulating these cycles, but it is probably NOT coming from heaven.

If something bizarre happens in the next week, it will be more likely because the Brotherhood caused it than because of the Shmittah. However, the reality is the same. America has been breaking commandments and violating the Laws of Heaven for decades and judgment is coming unless we repent and pray for a mighty move of Yahuwah in the land.

Let me say, as I have said in video teachings years ago, there is NO POWER greater than the power of prayer. The Brotherhood planned to bring down the USA on 9/11 2001 – totally. I was told this back in the seventies when I was a Satanist. However, praying Americans turned the tide! Though there was a great tragedy on 9/11, it did not grow into the vast evil cancer that the Illuminati wanted. Instead, there has been a slow creep of evil since then.

The problem with trends like Jonathan Cahn’s teachings is that – what if nothing happens in the next couple of weeks? Does all the fear-based religious enthusiasm it engendered vanish? Will people lose heart? I pray this is not the case! Judgment is coming to America – UNLESS we pray and repent.

The enemy’s plans have been repeatedly derailed both in our personal lives and in the USA and the world at large – because prayer MATTERS! But it is a Sword that must be unsheathed and wielded to be effective! The need for prayer at this time is indisputable – our nation must repent. Prayer is not the LEAST we can do – it is the MOST we can do! Join us in prayer as we intercede, pray and fast for our ministry, family, nation and friends!



Taking Out the Trash

For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.

Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin. – Heb. 12:3-4




Some challenging thoughts shared here – are you up to it?

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They call it “predictive programming”. It is like TV and mind control of the masses, something I learned about from a British Rock Group named “YES”. They were experts at manipulating 20,000 to 30,000 people. I will never forget what Steve Howe told me from the jump seat as I was flying them to another concert. He said you are not playing to 30,000 people, you are playing to ONE SPIRIT.
Do you understand what he said?

This is a FALLEN WORLD. It really is a PRISON PLANET. It is held under a PRISON KEEPER. He plays to the ONE SPIRIT, which is called humanity. He himself is a SPIRIT BEING OF IMMENSE POWER. He holds the human race in total bondage, in a MATRIX, and he is called in Scripture THE PRINCE AND POWER OF THE AIR, or SPIRIT OF MANKIND. He is the SPIRIT of HUMANITY. He plays…

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You Gave Us The Power To Kill You, So What’s Your Problem?


Stew hit the nail on the head

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A number of Bible codes are pointing to both the rapture of the Bride of Christ and an impact event in September of 2015, on or about the beginning of the coming Jubilee 7 year period. If they are right, this will be the final 7 years of mankind’s probation upon Earth. They also are consistently pointing out that Obama is the man of sin and evil. I am not saying they are right. Bible Codes used to “predict” the future are often wrong.

The rich men have risen up, just as prophecy said they would to accomplish their massive population reduction as found in Deuteronomy 28, Daniel, Revelation and James. They are the curse, they are the killers of the just because the American people refused the Bible admonitions. The American people gave the rich men the power to do that, so what is their problem now that it…

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Musings mid 2015

Firstly, I have not posted for sometime for various reasons, but  I am rectifying that today as several things piqued my interests lately.

I read a post by Chuck Baldwin today on wherein he shot straight and true in his assessment of where things stand for those who consider themselves sons / daughters of Yahuah by adoption thru the blood of His Son Yahusha. He wrote at Chuck’s Post of the step by step neutering of the church and Christians by the STATE. What he didn’t cover tho was that it goes much deeper than he outlined.

The whole birth registration thing, is the first step to slave of STATE status. I’ve addressed this before. That’s when they create birth certificate of a “artificial person” ie “Legal Person” which is not you but supposedly your “office” in govt regulated commerce. When anyone unknowingly signs for and assents to be, that “person” they’re subject to every statute of govt aka STATE. The same applies for “groups” ie churches for example. Once registered you are deemed subject to all whims and statutes of the STATE – and that is why even if an individual man or woman tries to resist STATE imposed decisions, because they’re registered (as LEGAL PERSON) by their assent to be such, they’re subject to STATE. This was further cemented by asking, receiving, and signing for a SIN / SSN. Christians will best understand this as following:

when one repents, turns to Jesus / Yahusha and receives forgiveness of sin(s), one is ADOPTED into the family of YAH as a son or daughter of YAHUAH the Father and siblings to Yahusah (Jesus). You are told you’ve passed from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Yahuah (light). Well the same thing happens in the world of STATE as controlled by Satan.

We’re all born in sin, and are members of the kingdom of darkness. Formerly tho, we had liberties as men and women insofar as STATE was concerned. Once they devised the registration system (including births) and birth certificate issuance began, we were still somewhat unencumbered til we reached and age wherein we submitted ourselves for adoption into the “family” of STATE by the request and acceptance of the SIN (Canada) or SSN (USA). The birth certificate was issued whilst you were still an infant, thus the legal person is always a “child” of the STATE. One needs to research until one by the Spirit of God is shown how to extricate oneself from the mess.

Secondly, I read an article at Walid Shoebat’s site about the sodomites kidnapping, brutally raping / torturing and then killing a 3 yr old. Firstly it related to events in Afghanistan, then in New Orleans. In the latter, over 1000 incidents of kidnap / rape/ torture etc and some murders, have occurred. This relates to what Chuck recounts in his analysis of how Christians said / did nothing over the last 60 yr or so, as step by step the evil one advanced his agenda so that now, a choice has to be made re to comply or not with STATE mandated homo marriage, and the LBGT agenda. If you’re registered, you will incur the wrath of the STATE by not complying.

Like Chuck quoted from Revelation, it’s time to repent, and go back and do the first works.