Further thoughtsFeb. 2017

I came across some notes I’d made in conversation with a fairly knowledgeable man regarding common law / the system etc. I decided to address them one at a time.

“Don’t ask question(s) you don’t know the answer to because how you would know if the answer you get is deceptive or you’re being lied to”.

To this I would say that depends on to whom the question is being asked. If we seek truthful answers, and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth as He was sent to do, and provide us with a true answer, I don’t believe we would get a false or lying answer from Him.

We do have a duty no matter to whom the question(s) are addressed, to be Berean like and search the scriptures as we ask the Holy Spirit to lead us to the answer.  Thus if we ask someone other than the Father via the Spirit, we need to weigh:

-how well do we know the one to whom we’re seeking an aswer meaning how well do we know their character, and also on what basis are we asking them (do we know that they are likley to know the answer and it will be correct and truthful). Again we still need to be Berean.

I do agree that much of the terminology associated with the present day matrix (Babylon of Commerce) is replete with electrical references. Remember the courts are commercial unless one knows how to invoke common law / inherent jurisdiction. Thus we have terms related to legal and commercial system like deposition (deposit + ion),  current account, or charge card to name a few.Take the charge card – it’s given with a currency value (charge) which some is being discharged every time it’s used. When payment is made in the usual manner, then more $ charge is available to discharge again.

Next “never answer for another and know when to NOT answer for YOU – no one went to jail for what they didn’t answer”. Well this is good common sense EXCEPT if by not answering you’re being deemed to obstruct justice or the execution of a Crown officer in his / her duties. So I guess it boils down to the key words “know when”.

Gold being obtained from the earth, soil, can be said to represent “land” as opposed to the admiralty / maritime / sea of commerce jurisdiction. So a gold sovereign is said when worn on one’s body (ie necklace chain) to represent property, and subsequently, “don’t trespass on my property” ( including one’s body). Somehow I was told it represents counter insurgency. My comment: I don’t know enough about this subject to ascertain whether it’s true and correct so I have to reserve judgment.

A comment was made regarding your PERSON (legal construct of the government as a commercial entity) being related to the Latin PERSONA. This relates to actors who would change masks to portray different characters, so I would say yes, it means to mask something / someone. Related to this is the term “theatre of war” which indicates that war is staged, with PERSONS executing the OFFICE  in the state of MILITARY OFFICE and without knowing it they’re being DIRECTED  by those who direct, as if it’s a theatrical production. I would have no problem agreeing with that assessment.

In scripture, we’re told that when people are deceptive in their dealings with us, when they lie or spread falsehoods,  masked as true, spiritual, good, people, we should not be surprised because these as PERSON(A)S are doing the same as their DIRECTOR  the devil does, “no wonder for even Satan can manifest himself as an angel of light” which of course he isn’t.

Musings Feb. 2017

So here we are at the middle of the second month (Roman calendar) of 2017 (Roman calendar) and to say the last month of so has been chaotic is an understatement.

I t seems the loony left, which I so designate due to their completely irrational behaviour, becoming totally unhinged, because they didn’t get their way in November, has decided that their above the law, that they take out their tantrums in public by destroying public property, people’s reputations, by spreading falsehoods, or any other means they so choose because for them and their puppet masters, Soros included, the end justifies the means. Think for one minute what the reaction would’ve been if the “right” had behaved like that because they didn’t get their way in 2 elections where the commie organiser was elected. Rosie took aim at Trump’s youngest son, and left loony social media jumped all over it excited to shoot arrows of slander, hate, and sheer vitriol at the president. Now, some of them are openly calling for assassination. They at the instruction of the former prez, and the organised well co ordinated neo Marxist , atheistic, Islamic, homosexual, etc groups are impeding the function of he govt  – oh and they also are calling for impeachment – ON WHAT GROUNDS?  Not getting what you want is not grounds. Didn’t the Rolling Stones sing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”?

Believers / followers of Yeshua, should be interceding in prayer daily, and seeking to learn how to war in the spirit against the forces of evil / darkness and their agenda.

On another note, I’ve been thinking on, with the aid of the Ruach Ha Kodesh, passages like 1 Cor 13, 1 John, Galatians, and more. I thought about how most people talk about the fruits (plural) of the Spirit. In scripture, the word is “fruit” (singular). Thus it’s saying The fruit that Spirit (who is to lead us into all truth) is to bring forth in us, is One just as He’s One but manifests in several ways. Thus the love, joy, peace, temperance, longsuffering, etc, is to be grown and ripened in us, as one fruit – CHARACTER. In 1 John he wrote that if anyone claims to be of Yeshua ha Moschiach and thus adopted in the family of the Father by the Spirit of adoption, then they SHOULD WALK EVEN AS HE WALKED in His incarnation.

In the Gospel of John, Yeshua is quoted many times as saying “I only say what My Father tells me to say”, and “I only do the things My Father tells me to do” – thus He walked in obedience to the Father and the Father’s Torah.

So til next time ponder this.

The Zohar: Doctrine of Demons

indeed this book is half truths and lies and we do well to not pay it heed


Supposed “believers” in our Christian community, need to quit embracing this EVIL and DANGEROUS Book! These writings need to stop being viewed as relevant prophecies “coming to pass.”

Believers need to immediately cease, touting this book as “inspired”…. OR deeming this demonically influenced, (if not possessed) author, of those blasphemous scribblings, as some type of prophet, inspired by YHWH.

Children of YHWH should know better. Those who embrace a book of half truths and blasphemies of this pustulous filth, oozing with evil; need to be SLAPPED UPSIDE THE HEAD!

Please pray up, before, during, and after this video.  You will hear about the Zohar, from a Kabbalist’s perspective:

What are Christians thinking???? Are they really going to get divine revelation, from this pile of rotten dung???

The last time I checked……….prophets and teachers, that claimed to have a “word” or prophecy from the Father, and/or enticed others to follow “false…

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Does Israel Actually Exist?

I intend to check out this Kolbrin book

abdiyah elyon

Does the seed of Abraham, Issac, and, Jacob actually exist? Some hold it not to be true just because, through the journey of translation and re-canonization, the bible has been misinterpreted through the translators lacking the same mindset of the original writers. Multiply this notion for every other translation built on another translation and you get many books not possessing the same concrete meanings as the original. If the translations must be wrong, then the original must be wrong and fictitious too, right? Not so if they are copies in the original language still available.

What is healthy to do in respects of the bible and the history pertained to within is to locate outside parallel sources of corresponding events.

One source that has been available for some time is the Egyptian Text of the Bronze Book, specifically the Book of Manuscripts. I encourage you to read it and draw…

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The Ship, the Beast, and a Child’s Life

Wow! I love this story / sharing of His great love that defeats the beast and legions of demons

Mystic Mama

This is a journey from today that came after having a hard night feeling completely frustrated about a project I was working on. The beginning is a reminder of who we are and the second part is a powerful journey in the spirit to rescue and heal children that were captured. I share these journeys not to wow you but rather to invite you to ask God what part you can take on what I am sharing. Often times God reveals something for not just me but an invitation for others to pray and believe. For what I see in the spirit I share in words because our words have the ability to create and frame things up for others to see what I see from their own perspective. So my encouragement is this. Ask the Lord your part and invite Him to use you. God loves you so much and…

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Message to the Tribe of Warrior Scribes

I like the fact that Papa so gently saidto not be ashamed of those moments we’ve gone astray but to remember the key is in our intimacy with Him and He will lead us back from being astray

Mystic Mama

What I am sharing below is from some time I was spending with the Lord. Sometimes when I step into heavenly places I find He takes me on unexpected journeys. It’s always a surprise with God. During this journey like many before Jesus will show me people who are on this journey with me. Although in my journey I sometimes see specific people I am careful not to always share exactly who as I realized I often times don’t see everyone and I believe God can take my record of this journey and use it to frame it up so that others can step into it and experience it for themselves. Athought this was a more relax moment with God I feel there is an important message here from our Heavenly Father (Papa) for those who God is using to write to make a change.

Breaking Bread with the Tribe…

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