An Education You Won’t Get Elsewhere

Many thanks to Stewart Best (the lightgate blogge) who posted this video on his site “”. This is all previously known by me, and many others who’ve done even a modicum of research. The vast majority of people however don’t have any idea as to what’s really going on, who’s really running things, and why their lives just keep getting harder to make for themselves and their families a decent standard of living, and why they sense they’re enslaved but can’t put their finger on how or why. I will hopefully get around to putting up a new blog post soon, but in the meanwhile I urge you to watch this video because it’s of the utmost importance you do in order to understand what happened, what’s still going on, and to clear any fog in your perception of reality.

This is the link to that video EDUCATE YOURSELF

Thots July 2016

We’re nearing the end of July, and I will be moving thus time has been at a premium for me. I’ve been seeing more and more people posting about the possibility of a Trump assassination, with Believers in Yeshua being asked to pray against that. For at least a couple of years now, I’ve been discussing with some close to me, the future as it will be, re the US elections. We’ve been talking about the very real possiblity that a way will be found by the PTB (powers that be, elite) to ensure Killary wins the election which will in turn provoke much discontent and it will be expressed with rioting, etc. Should that happen it will play into their plan for their puppet in the WH to declare a state of emergency and / or martial law, enabling the agenda to forcibly confiscate guns for one.

It seems very dark days are ahead and everyone who is wise should seek the Light of the World (Yeshua Ha Moschiach -= Jesus the Messiah) so that their way/ path will be illumined and He can protect them as Psalm 91 promises.

There’s so much to discuss it’s hard to know where to begin. Weather weapon tech is being used to cause droughts, unusual weather events, and possibly earthquakes. The skies are loaded with chemtrails to facilitate these as well as EMP.

Wars abound at a rate never seen in history and most of them the US is responsible for or intitiating as the controlling elite / world banksters love war – it’s very profitable for them in more ways than  one. One of those ways is written in several ways upon the Georgia Guidestones aka the commandments / agenda of the elite: “reduce and maintain the world population at 500 000 ie 1/2 billion.

The push for a NWO aka One World Government (OWG) is greatly accelerated. Tom Horn. Cris Putnam, Steve Quayle. Tim Alberino, Tim Bence, the Hagmann’s. Dave Hodges and others are beating the drum with a wake up call trying to rouse the sleeping masses including Christians, to the perilous times we’re in, how they’re going to get much worse, that they need to be in right relationship with our Father YHWH in heaven and His Son Yeshua because now is not the time to be caught unawares. The scriptures predict that a great falling away / apostasy will mark the endtimes, and thus in order to NOT fall away one needs to do whatever it takes to prevent this in one’s own life.

The scriptures also tell us, that if one is walking in proper relationship with Father and Yeshua, that they will not be welcomed by most with open arms : ” all who live godly in Messiah Yeshua shall suffer persecution” and “the servant is not greater than the Master, if they persecuted Me they will persecute you”.

If one decides to “tackle” the subject of Islam where does one start? I guess I’ll start by saying not only is it a false religion/ political system that worships a false god, but that god is one bloodthirsty (insatiably so) “god”. It’s mass lunacy for the Europeans and now Canaada, & US, to be taking in tens of thousands of “migrants” of whom there’s no way to verify them (background checks etc), to try to filter out potential terrorists.The fact that the present president has filled most of his administrative posts with muslims, marxists, or those who are both, is very worrisome. Also, the fact that the FBI didn’t proceed with charging / arresting Hillary for the same (on a much higher level tho) offences that marines and others were charged, went to jail, etc. This is flaunting in the faces of the people that “one standard for the elite and their lackeys, a different standard for everyone else” is the order of the day.

I would like to get into the transhumanist push today, and other subjects but they will have to wait for another post.

God bless you, and have a good day!


Further Musings June 2016

I thought today I’d share with you some recent (since the last post) developments. I’ve been led to focus on several key areas. One of these areas is deception. We are quite often warned against being deceived because the fact of the matter is that we’re engaged in a spiritual war with the unseen (usually) forces of the arch enemy of mankind, Satan. He doesn’t care whether we believe that or not, in fact he prefers we don’t, and that we don’t actively participate in the mandate Yeshua gave us in the scriptures. That mandate was the same as His, “the Spirit of Yahweh is upon Me, to heal, set free the captives (of sin and Satan) and destroy the works of the enemy”. He told us that we would be empowered by the Spirit of Yahweh, the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit), to do His work as He has ascended back to His Father, and our Father.To this end I highly recommend the good resources at sites like KIB, WOA, the Dr. Preston Bailey interview with Alexander Backman,, L A Marzulli’s site, and YouTube interviews with Henry Gruver the prayer walker, to name some. I read Dennis Callen’s book “They’re Coming …Before The Rapture” and found it to be extremely valuable in identifying deception and confronting it in spiritual warfare. At Dr. Mike Lake and Mary Lake’s site kingdom intelligence briefing, they have excellent prayers in the resources section to pray and confess each day to be healed, delivered from all power of the enemy, and strengthened in your daily walk with Yeshua.

The Praying Medic has an excellent book to help learn how to see in the spirit, called, “Seeing In The Spirit Made Simple”.  He posits that whilst some have a gift wherein they’re gifted by God to do so, to minister as prophets, etc, the ability to see in the spirit can be taught/ learned but this doesn’t mean everyone will be called to the ministry of being a prophet. Remember what Moses said to those who came to him concerned that some “outside the camp” were prophesying, he said, “I wish all the people of Yahweh would prophesy”. He wasn’t jealous, or worreid about God’s “honour” or angry that those who hadn’t specifically been brought into the inner circle were speaking forth the words of the Most High God, he was happy and wished all were doing so., that all were in the place with God that He could speak thru them.

There are so many things I could discuss, but some will haveto wait til another day.I have been going back, and re reading Mary Croft’s online book, in pdf, called “How I Clobbered Every Cash Confiscatory Agency Known To Man” or words to that effect. I downloaded it from GOODF, and printed it out. I’ve been highlighting parts as I read. I’d recommend if one reads it, to bypass part 1 at first, and go directly to part 2 “How It Happened” I believe is the title, and there you will learn of the fulfillment of Revelation 18 especially the first 13 verses, concerning the end times Babylon of commerce, and pay heed to the last item being bought and sold, which is, “the bodies and souls of men (mankind)”.

This is confirmed by Jesus / Yeshua as He speaks to Tim Bence at Jekyll Island. Tim had no idea why he was told to go there, until upon taking a tour the guide showed him paintings in the museum, of giants sacrificing babies upon a Canaanite altar of Baal, which took place before and for some time after, the arrival of the first Europeans. Jesus explains to Tim that even if He gave Tim the money to pay off all his “personal” debts, he would still be a debt slave of the government / global banksters Luciferian elite, because he’s a Federal Citizen, pledged against the “national debt”. Mary points out in her pdf, that all this is a giant scam being perpretrated / perpetuated, by the banksters, just like the game of monopoly, called ” COMMERCE” and that they control via central banks (ie Federal Reserve as one example) the continual amassing of debt. Three’s much more to what she writes, but suffice it to say, my nanna always told us, from the book of Proverbs, “the borrower is the servant to the lender” and Jesus added the lender will bind and enslave you til the last penny is paid (which due to their chicanery is NEVER). I think the remedies Mary as a non-Christian proposes, are a confirmation of what Jesus said when He said that the children of this world are wiser in the knowledge of its operarion and how to counter it, so I don’t think it remiss to suggest that we should be learning (but at the same time taking everything to God in prayer, and studying the scriptures) all that we can from whomever God has permitted to glean some knowledge. A big hint, is that because the god of this world, whom the Powers That Be, (elites, banksters, illuminait, etc) worship, is an expert counterfeiter, who knows the scriptures, the operation of heaven’s administration (of which he was chief), and knows how to twist it all by taking some truth and mixing it with a lot of lie, that it behooves all to study the scriptures asking God to enlighten His principles of operation, and His remedy for it’s His desire that we tear down all strongholds of the devil and his forces.

Well, sufficient for today, is the above, and hopefully I’ll get to sharing more soon. “May Yahweh bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you, and give you peace”

Into 2nd Quarter 2016

We’re entering into the 2nd quarter of the pagan (Roman, Papal, Gregorian) calendar in its year 2016. However we’re finishing the last month of Adar, on the Heberew calendar (Yahuwah’s calendar) which ends year 5775. Then new year begins sundown April 8 and that ushers in Nisan 1. The reason I brought this up is because most of the professing “church” is still following in their “feasts / festivals” celebrated, the pagan calendar.

When Elohim created the present universe, and the associated sun, moon, and stars, etc, He said it was for dual purposes. First of course was for lighs to govern the day and night. Second was for His appointed times of special interaction with Man.It so happens that this new year, also ushers in, the first of His feasts, namely Pesach / Passover. Believers should celebrate it as remembrance of all the was done for them, by the One whom Revelation calls “The Passover Lamb of God” slain before the foundation of the world. Yahushuwah /Jesus was slain at Passover in full compliance (unbeknownst to the perpetrators) with His Father’s appointed times as outlined in His scriptures. The day after the sabbath, marks the beginning of the Feast of First Fruits. Remember, the day according to God / Elohim in Genesis 1 began at sundown (“and there was EVENING and MORNING, the first day).Thus when He rose from the dead, on the first day of the week, after the sabbath, He as Paul explained, became the First Fruits of those risen from the dead due to the fact that when He returns “the dead in Messiah / Christ shall rise first”.Again He complied with His Father Yahuwah’s conditions.When he ascended just before Shavuot / Pentecost He promised His disciples and the beilevers, He would not leave them alone but rather He was going to send them the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit – altho the word ruach not only can be translated spirit but also breath, or wind – and how did the Holy Spirit manifest? As a mighty rushing WIND).The Holy Spirit was according to Paul, the earnest (down payment) on our inheritance, the contract between the Groom and His Bride, as proof of His promises that He would be Faithful and True. Now, it’s time for us the bride, to seek to be the same to the groom. We cannot do it without Him, because as He told us, “the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak” and Paul confirmed the struggle / war between flesh and spirit in Romans 7.In the next chapter Paul said we’re to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, for the battlefield is the mind (how Satan or his minions, communicate their ideas to our thoughts). Seems I recall Joyce Meyer wrote a book with that title. The Holy Spirit is for our aid, empowerment, and sustenance – and all we have to do is ask.

I’m learning about contracts during the last couple of years. Many sources both believers and non-believers have shed light on this subject.When we reaslise our need for redemption from the law of sin and death, and the kingdom of darkness, and then submit to ADONAI YESHUA HAMOSCHIACH /LORD MESSIAH JESUS, and He forgives us, cleanses us, and we’re adopted into the kingdom of His Father, the kingdom of light, we’re set free from the Law of sin and death, and have contracted to serve our LORD who redeemed us.

What’s interesting is that Jesus had an assignment for one of His servants, Tim Bence. During this assignment in which Tim was called to discover and with Jesus destroy, an altar of Baal in Georgia at Jekyll Island, Jesus asked him if he was free. Tim replied he was. Then Jesus asked Tim if he owed any money. Tim answered in the affirmative, but qualified it with he was paying it off as Jesus provided the wherewithal to do so. So, Jesus asked him if He gave Tim the necessary funds to do it, would he then be free. Tim replied he would, and he would have only the debt of love to others as Jesus loves. Next, Jesus asked if Tim was a citizen, to which Tim again replied in the affirmative whereupon Jesus said Tim was thus a slave – a debt slave pledged against the “national debt” by the government. I won’t go into all Jesus was implying because it’s been well summarised by a lady  who as far as I know, doesn’t serve Jesus but she did figure out the predicament and some solutions She may have figured out the end solution by now as the pdf I downloaded was from 2008. You can download it here .

I’d already learned much of what Mary shares, but her ebook was much more comprehensive than any others I’d come across.I’ve had many contribute to my knowledge such as , Karl Lentz, Eldon Warman, Karen Hudes former World Bank Attorney, Judge Anna Von Reitz of Alaska Superior Court, a man who I shall call Burke,  Winston Shrout, my friends Chris and Richard, and others. Some made better or larger contributions than others but all helped in some way.In effect then, Jesus was telling Tim that He had freed Tim from the law of sin and death by His triumph of Col. 2:15, but Tim was not free from Mystery Babylon, the whore of Revelation 18 – if you check out the list of commodities bought, sold, traded by the merchants of Mystery Babylon in Revelation 18, when you get to the end of that list, you’ll find “and the BODIES AND SOULS OF MEN”.

This is explained very well by Mary. Tim’s visit with Jesus is found here . So we’re engaged in wars on several fronts it seems, but in the end they all stem from the realm of spiirt, because all the globalist banksters, most of whom are Illuminati / Freemasons/Luciferians are serving Satan because they believe he was the “good guy” in Eden who gave and continues to give, MAN knowledge that the “bad guy” Yahuwah Elohim, witheld from MAN. We can see the fruit of the knowledge the devil and devils, bring in both 1 Enoch and Genesis 6 for starters. They corrupted the whole world and as Jude said, left their first estate (heaven) breaking the boundaries Yahuwah had set for them, mated with women thus producing “titans” called Nephilim (hybrids from fallen angels) which form the basis of all the ancient cultures “myths” about giants , mighty ones of old, ie Hercules, Atlas, etc, because even in recent times, skeletons have been found of varying lengths 9ft to 36 ft tall. Enoch says that the first generation hybrids were taller than the cedars of Lebanon -which were roughly 150 ft tall. Now it’s easy to see how Baalbek, the Sphinx, the pyramids etc could have been fashioned because we today cannot do what was done in ancient times.

The “down side ” of all this besides the fact these angels became devils due to sin, was that they taught things like sorcery, witchcraft, seduction, war and war  weaponry, as well as Enoch tells us that due to the hybrids’ size, their appetities were ravenous, they devoured all that man could produce, and then turned to not only eating Man, but each other. If El Elyon (the Most High) hadn’t found Noah and his family to be uncontaminated by hyubridism, He was going to destroy everything (scripture says He regretted creating Man). If that had happened Satan would’ve won. Because Satan knew the meaning of Genesis 3:15 wherein El Elyon Yahuwah, told him, that a seed of a woman would break his power by crushing his head so to speak. In other words, Messiah Yeshua wouldn’t have been born of Mary, fulfilled the requirements of His Father to be the Passover Lamb sacrifice for our sins, in order to redeem us by His blood, and make it possible to be sons/ daughters of His Father also. Yahwuah is spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Jesus made it possible for our spirits to be regenerated (born again) and reunited with the Father in communion.

I’m still studying this whole Mystery Babylon merchant slavery, in order to no longer be a corporate slave of the Crown / Vatican / Banksters.

On Mengele – Satan’s Star TBMC Programmer

) This article will help us by increasing our wisdom in understanding evil, as well as documenting some historical details about t.b. mind control. Up to now, the primary biography on Mengele was written by a member of the Astor Illum. bloodline.(A) Satan’s color is green, one of Mengele’s names was Dr. Green. GOOD &…

via EVIL & THE ANGEL OF DEATH: An historical look at evil & the Illuminati’s all-time best trauma-based mind control programmer. (2 APR ’16 — Blog – Pentracks

Musings 1st Quarter 2016

I’ve had a busy quarter from New Year’s Day til almost the end of March this year (2016). The arrival of 2 new grandchildren whom I plan to visit in Calgary soon was a blessing from Yahuwah to our family for which we give thanks. I’ve also been apporached by others who have become interested in eschatology. amd want to learn how present impacts hurtling the world to a precipice over which looms world war 3 and much more evil, bing planned by the satanic elites, because these others have woke up and realise things are much closer to the imminent return of our ADONAI Yahushuah Ha Moschiach, aka LORD Jesus Christ.

In that regard I just finished an excellent book which I learned of from a youtube video my wife came across and recommended to me, by Dennis Callen, called, “They’re Coming …Before The Rapture” wherein he exposes much of the truth surrounding aliens, alien abduction, etc. Much of it was not new to me, having read David Ruffino’s Holy Spirit inspired book, Alien Abduction Phenomenon – How It Starts, and How It Stops  or something much like that.What I gleaned from Dennis, via this book, was how this fits in with the end times delusion which comes upon the majority on the earth, because they “loved not the truth, so Yahuwah allowed them to be given over to strong delusion” per the Apostle Paul.

I already had listened to fellow believers like Dr. Tom Horn, L A Marzulli, Cris Putnam, Timothy Alberino, and Tim Bench,  explaining much about what the strong delusion will be / is, and Dennis soldified their revelation.All I can say is that I’ve bought several copies of this book in order to distribute to others so that they too can be aware and share with those with whom they come into contact.

On another note, I really enjoyed the interview Alexander Backman did with Dr. Preston Bailey, in which much is revealed about angels (good and bad), and operations of such in the spirit dimensions along with their execution of their agenda via those who serve them on earth.

Regarding other investigations I’ve been doing, I really enjoyed Mary Elisabeth Croft’s pdf sharing how she was victorious over the various corporate entities, which have duped and enslaved the majority of us, because we never knew what the signifcance of what they did with the notification of our birth as people, after they processed the statement of live birth.

Bye for now hopefully will elavorate more soon.