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Tonight On Night5 Shadows – 7:00 PM CT NK Missile Launch, Trump, Obama Coup, The G-5 Bee Hive, Iran & More… Wikileaks reveals Obama Deep State coup against Trump, Kim to launch new ICBM possibly on weekend, war drums beating much louder, Iran violating UN nuke deal, but is the proof real or […]

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It’s interesting that Stewart brings up the topic of the AI in this post. I traded emails with Steve Quayle last week, when I notice on his daily news headlines at his site, that there were 2 or 3 about AI. I mentioned to SQ that Dr. Dennis Lindsay of Christ ForThe Nations, had written a book several years ago entitled, “Giants, Fallen Angels, and Return Of The Nephilim” wherein he shared a vision GOD had given to him of an AI type AntiChrist possessed by Satan. SQ replied, that he’d been telling people about that very scenario for 20 yr and no one listened but now it’s a hot topic.


Making Adjustments

This week has been a blur. A blur of practicing, performing, teaching, finding an empty fridge and making last-minute grocery runs, driving kids to and from classes, orchestra performance, small groups, Bible study fellowship, counselling, yet more funeral home arrangements, doctor and dentist appointments. I have had sleepless nights from my physical pain and puffy […]

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I understand very well, what she is going through and describing. For me also it will be the first Christmas without my wife in 18 years.  I ponder “what to do on Christmas day?”.  Then, “and what about New Year’s Eve?”.  Then I stop and think about one of my sisters, who will be celebrating a holiday season for about 18 years sans spouse – during which she worked and raised  her two children alone. I think of the times she’d break down crying as she shared her despair she’d be going through at those times, the loneliness, as well as the questioning to GOD. This is the second time I’m going thru this as before marrying the wonderful lady who passed into His presence in September, I’d spent 5 years raising two kids of my own, as a single father, working 12 hr shifts at a major steel company. My free time was spent at home with the kids but occasionally a friend would take us all out with him for the day onto Lake Erie in his boat, and we’d fish and swim.  I was an early (1992) adopter of the internet (how many readers remember Netscape? Mosaic?). I learned some command line unix/ linux for use on IRC, I mastered first DOS, then Windows 3.1, then Windows 3.11 for workgroups, then Windows 95, 98, Millenium, XP, Vista briefly, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. I taught the kids quite a bit about using the net, computers and software. I met my late wife on IRC – as a single parent confined mainly to home when not working, it provided an outlet where I could chat with people from all over the world, on any one of 3 nets – Efnet, Dalnet, and GalasyNet – each containing thousands of chat rooms. She was living up in the Rockies on Canada’s west coast and I was living near Toronto. We “gelled” almost immediately, and eventually she came to visit for an IRC gtg (get together) in Niagara Falls – people we chatted with online, came from many states, and Canadian provinces for a vacation to be together and socialise , to meet those they knew fairly well from hours of online chats. I proposed to her in Niagara Falls (even getting down on one knee LOL – I told her (truly) that I hadn’t done it for anyone else – not even my first wife.  We got married a couple months later in BC and she sold her house, packed up her kids, and dog, and moved back east to live with me and my kids,  It was a challenge integrating two families to say the least, but thanks in a large way to her, and her dedication, we managed after several years to overcome the hurdles.

So, like Cibby, there are many fond memories, that tend to flood oneself, at times like holiday seasons, much happier times than the present. It’s hard to believe almost, that it was a year ago we took in a family who were homeless about a year ago. They had familial and legal issues, to deal with, and due to the husband being in jail, had been unable to keep afloat financially, thus evicted. I think back to how much Bernadette (Bernie as she preferred to be called) my late wife, helped / taught that mother about child rearing (needed because no example or teaching had been imparted before), about structure, order, setting up a stable routine, etc. When they were able to get back on their feet again so to speak, they stayed in contact and almost continually thanked us for all we’d done. Bernie said to me, “It was what GOD wanted us to do thus we stepped in and helped when needed “- as did our one daughter next door, though it posed financial challenges for both us and our daughter & her family.  The strange thing about it all, is that daughter has never made a public commitment to Jesus and His way, yet it was she who spoke to Bernie (who’d been listening to the LORD prompting her as well) and suggested that we help.

So as Cibby says in her article, it’s an ongoing adjustment, with many ups and downs, but without being able to rely on Jesus, and on the Father’s love, without being able to seek help from the Holy Spirit, I can only think that as difficult as things are, they’d be a lot more difficult and despairing.

Big Division Coming

Isaiah 57:19 I create the fruit of the lips; Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the LORD; and I will heal him. 57:20 But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. 57:21 There is no […]

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Mike is reminding us in this post, that Yeshua said He will separate the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, and there’s nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. In our lives we need to ask Him frequently ” is there any chaff you need to burn out of me / my life to remove any hindrances to our relationship getting closer?”.

On Crusty Hearts

What is it about us humans that makes us hold tightly to things that make us unhappy? We nurse our anger and grudges with motherly affection. To forgive others feels like stepping off of the high ground that will ensure our victory. Yet, in not forgiving, though we sense a pleasure in our prideful spirit, […]

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This is always a timely reminder that it’s so easy for us to get off His path because we want to hold onto something(s) that come between us and Him. I don’t need to add to this lovely post because it hits the bullseye very well.

The Alabama Election… Why the Little People are HOSED! — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

Alabama Sends a Message Alabama voters can be forgiven if they preferred to sit out Tuesday’s special Senate election, but those who turned out narrowly elected Democrat Doug Jones to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The result is a painful lesson for the Alabama Republicans who nominated Roy Moore in […]

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L A dear brother, whilst I agree with a lot of what you have to say, I would suggest that one thing that was probably lacking, is the serious devotion to intercessory prayer by Yeshua’s people. I happened across an article by a Sis Desiree MMondesir within which she had taken to the LORD in prayer along with others, the homegoing of Prophet Kim Clement. One thing several of these seekers (of answers) received was that the promotion to glory of Kim and also John Paul Jackson, was in part due to the shortage of intercessors surrounding them. Because there were gaps in the walls, so to speak, attacks got through. One questioner was shown a vision of prinicpalities discussing Kim and one vehemently demanding that Kim be taken out due to his prophesying coupled with spiritual warfare that was a thorn in the devils’ side so to speak. There was a wall near these devils, with names on it – a hit list – and it was a list of those taken out before their time. John Paul Jackson’s name was on that list, and then Kim’s name appeared on it. The LORD revealed also, that part of the responsibility for JP Jackson’s premature death, were that though he was expert at teaching / revealing the ways and means of the enemy, to the body of Christ, he wrongly believed it wasn’t the body’s mission to confront and take down (be victorious in spiritual warfare) the enemy’s strongholds.

I want to point out, that before Yeshua began His earthly ministry, He was led of the Holy Spirit into the wilderness, to confront the devil – to be assailed by Satan in efforts to tempt Him into sin. Of course we know Yeshua was victorious, and then began His ministry. How did He begin? He preached the gospel (good news) that the kingdom of YAHUAH  had arrived, and then to prove it He not only healed the sick, but among His first (and one of His constant) acts was to expel the demons, and spirits (demons) of infirmity from people, freeing them from demonic enslavement. He confronted the forces of darkness, starting in the wilderness with Satan himself, and as Colossians says, “triumphed over them, making a spoil of them openly”. Before His appointed crucifixion did He not say to the disciples (talmidim) “the prince of this world comes BUT HE HAS NOTHING IN ME”.  Yeshua had been completely victorious over the forces of darkness / evil and completely obedient to His Father’s will. That’s why He could assert (truly) that He’d been completely victorious over the enemy, that not one inch so to speak, of Him, had ever been darkened by sin / compliance in any way, with anything of darkness. Last night, I believe, was the beginning of Hanukkah, which translated is “Dedication”. To me it’s a reminder that He dedicated Himself to the Father’s will / plan for our redemption to be possible, should we ask Him for it, from the kingdom of darkness, the power of the enemy, and that we likewise should be dedicating ourselves as believers to seeking and doing the will of our Father YAHUAH (we’re His by adoption) in heaven. The other aspect of this Feast of Dedication, is the miracle of the oil, in the menorah, that though only being enough to burn for 1 day, to provide light for that 1 day, through a miracle of YAHUAH the oil was able to sustain burning for 8 days. This speaks to me of He Who is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, who as John 1 tells us, came into this world, as the Light which lights every man / woman (who believes), and He shone in the darkness of this world ruled by the prince of darkness, but the DARKNESS DID NOT OVERCOME IT (HIS LIGHT).

Re: Restoration of American Healthcare

I know I have been away for several weeks on a sabbatical from writing. I want to thank everyone for the prayers and encouraging words as I have been going through a time of deeper inner healing. It has been a war at times but during it, God has been doing a powerful work in […]

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I made a lengthy comment at the original post so I won’t belabour it here. I just suggest you go to the highlighted link to the original post and after reading it, my comment also, take it to YAHUSHA HA MASCHIACH and wait upon His clarification. 🙂

Intel Update

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT Kim’s Nukes & Missiles, Arab Wars & Trump Coup & Americans Sleep Even if people do not realize it, the world is on the brink of war, while the signs of the Return of Christ are everywhere and mounting. Jesus told us that it would come as […]

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