April 2014

Well, here we are already into April, and this is when the “signs” or “signals” relating to God’s (YAHWEH’s) appointed feasts, or “special dates with mankind” are about to begin.There’s much  being written, shared in video, and audio, relating to the portents we’re about to see.

Dr. Tom Horn covered in good detail, in his book “Zenith 2016″ which was published online at his site, raidersnewsupdate.com chapter by chapter, and I believe it begins about the 8th chapter. John Hagee has been proclaiming much on this topic, but the first man I recall covering the topic, was Mark Blitz.I learned much from his explanation of the significance in history of the tetrad. Tetrad in a word used by NASA to describe a series of events wherein, multiple instances of lunar and solar eclipses occur, especially if some appear as “blood moons”.  The key is this: when they occur in succession at God’s appointed times ie Passover, Sukkot, then unusual events have occurred, These are rare events wherein hundreds of years may pass between them. However, in the last century, (20th), they occurred twice, on these appointed times, and that was 1948/49 and 1967/68. In the first case the nation of Israel was reborn after 2000 yr, as prophesied in the scriptures. In the second instance, Israel won the 6 day war, and Jerusalem, the holy city, was once more under Israeli dominion.

Well this year and next we’re going to be having more occurrences, and here’s a picture of it from radiersnewsupdate

As a temporary end to this topic, I say, “hold onto your hats”.

Next up, a topic that’s also “hot” these days, UFOs, “aliens”, alien abductions, etc.David Ruffino covered this very well, in his book,

Unholy Communion: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Where It Originates And How It Stops

and he has more at his site called Delusion Resistance. Suffice it to say, I believe that what is being witness is not the activity of ETI, but rather EDI. Extra Dimensional Intelligence – from a dimension that co exists with ours, namely the dimension of spirit – is part of the “lying signs and wonders” we were forewarned in the bible we would see as the end of the present age approaches,, more and more.

Of course this ties in with the renewed awareness of Yahshua’s (Jesus’) prediction, “as it was in the days of Noah..”, with reference to the same time frame of the previous paragraph. A sister in Messiah, Hollie Moody, was given a vision, which can be found @ lit4ever.org

in the section where they list individuals who share(d) something of a revelatory nature. In this particular vision, Yahshua took her to show her the landing upon the earth of things which shapeshifted, changed form, but there was an air accompanying them of extreme dread & fear. She asked Him what they were seeing, to which He replied, “the return of the Nephilim”. Now since then, Alexander Backman reported on his web site, about instances whole villages in Mexico witnessed in broad daylight, of much the same thing.

If one reads not only the scriptures, ie Genesis 6 for one, but also the books of Jasher, and 1 Enoch, one can find that the Nephllim, were hybrids, products of the mating of fallen angels with human women. The resulting offspring were gigantic in size and possessed mighty strength and powers, that they used to evil purposes and to the murder of humans. Genesis refers to them as “might men of old / renown” – which would explain why most cultures share stories of “Annunaki” or demi gods (Hercules etc), titans (ie Atlas), and so on. In the book of Numbers, we find, that when the 12 spies went into Canaan to spy out the land, they reported it being populated by giants, in whom whose sight, the spies were like grasshoppers. Ten of them advised against going to take the land due to their fear and unbelief, only Joshua and Caleb dissenting. In Steve Quayle’s well researched book “True Legends” he explores giants living in North, Central, & South America. Of course his website genesis6giants.com

goes into much detail also.

On another note, I am still pursuing learning more about the Hebraic roots of my faith, and to that end,  I purchased “Hebraic Roots Bible A Literal Translation” from coyhwh.com

Where no copies were available of Brit Hadashah (NT) books in either Hebrew or Aramaic, then the Greek was redacted back to Hebrew and then re translated back to English. I am finding it to be the best version of the scriptures I have found (of at least a dozen I have owned or own) over the years.

I liked David Stern’s Complete Jewish Bible but for one thing, especially. He perpetrated the error of the KJV, which perpetrated the erroneous doctrine of the ancient Pharisaical rabbis, in substituting LORD or LORD GOD, for His name – contrary to Exodus 3, and I think Deuteronomy 6.

Well I will try to carry on much sooner with my next post, so bye for now, and may God bless.

January 2014

Well here we are almost a month into the new Julian / Gregorian calendar year, Did you catch that? I didn’t say “God’s calendar” as His calendar is different and was given as it says in Genesis 1 for the purpose of giving light to the earth and for signs and seasons. The Hebrew words for signs and seasons are not what they seem in English translations. The word for signs, means signal as in to signal something when He desires to get our attention. The word for seasons is translated in other places as “feasts” ie in Leviticus where He gave the “feasts of YHWH” but the more accurate translation of “moed” is “appointed times”. These are times where He may choose to interact with mankind, moreso or in a different way / level than usual. These appointed times on God’s calendar include : Passover, First Fruits, Shavuot (Pentecost), Yom Teruah (Trumpets, Days of Wrath), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), Tabernacles to name most.

At His first coming Yahshua (Yeshua, Jesus) fulfilled all the spring feasts “to the letter” meaning at the appointed times as He was crucified @ Passover in accordance with all the rules for the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb, His resurrection took place on First Fruits (that’s why Paul said He is the first fruits in his epistles), He ascended and the Spirit descended @ Shavuot (the feast of the early harvest). His second coming will fulfill the fall (autumn) feasts.

Further to the post “Deliver Us From Evil”, I wanted to make some observations that include those seeking to manifest the lawful movement. As I write this Dean Clifford is still in jail after 2 months, and has  been / is being given a demonstration of what happens when the Babylonian legal system and its enforcers decide to make an example of you.

In talking with others who are seeking to return to the being not subject to the STATE ie Babylon, with all its restrictions, limitations, and taxations, they agree that it’s best not to be belligerent and play the martyr the way Dean does, but rather to seek to be free to live in peace, do no harm to others, and avoid confrontations wherein is possible. I agree with that as the scriptures say, “seek to live peaceably with all mankind”.

As one looks around (at news etc), things are getting ominous for sure. Yesterday it was reported on several internet news sites like Before Its News, and others, that the Federal Reserve is going to be bought by China, due to the fact the US defaulted on its debt obligation in Oct. 2013. Again, the bible admonishes to avoid borrowing and to live within your means and be content – but the US and most western “first world” nations have allowed themselves to become enslaved by the global banksters ie banking elite, with no hope of paying off the debt. The bible says the borrower is the servant of the lender until the debt is paid.

But of course, the formerly “Christian” nations, have long since shed the scriptures, don’t want to know God Almighty (Yahweh Elohim), and want to live as they please without regard for His will, law, or anything. It does say however, who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind.

Couple that with all the increases in major earthquakes, severe weather, the coming tetrad of 4 blood moons, plus solar eclipses, about to happen in 2014, 2015 – all at Yahweh (God) ‘s appointed times (Passover both years, Yom Kippur etc) and one can’t help but think of that prophesied by Joel, and in Acts  -  about the skyi being darkened, the blood moons, solar eclipses, nature in labour pains, distress, to warn of the forthcoming Day of the Lord. On this subject, check out a youtube video of David Jones on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” show called “The Day of the Lord” wherein David was twice transported in an open vision to experience first hand what the Day of the Lord will be like, in order to warn all who will listen.

Deliver Us From Evil

Today, I thought to add a few words on this subject, having just finished reading an article on Before It’s News

which in turn linked to an article by Matt Fradd @ his blog

It talks about addiction to pornography with a different twist – female addiction to it. It doesn’t surprise me in a day when advertising, TV, movies, and just about any media, saturate us daily with “SEX” in some form or other. David Wilkerson had a vision from God in 1973, which detailed many things which would come to pass, and since then, have, one of which was what God termed ” a baptism of filth”. Other things included (even as part of said baptism) were the outbreak of homosexual militancy etc. David used to say, when talking of this, “if God doesn’t resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah to apologise, His other alternative will be to bring judgment to this present world.”. I think the latter option is manifesting in more and more evidences everyday. Check out Steve Quayle’s website, or Tom Horn’s (raidersnewsupdate.com), and you will see reports -even at Before It’s News, of more and more upheaval in nature, more and more loss of liberty / rights in formerly “free” countries.

In regards to porn, I too was exposed to it a young age, friends in our neighbourhood had older siblings, and access to it was easy. This began a many year struggle with becoming free / seeking deliverance from its tentacles. It was through reading “Blood on the Doorpost” by Bill Schnoebelen of “with one accord” ministries online, and downloading many of his free pdf resources available also, that I learned how to properly renounce and be freed. Looking back can I say, it was like a magic wand being waved? NO! I had to believe as I stepped out in faith, that God wanted me free, Jesus died for not only my salvation, but my deliverance and healing (by His stripes we were healed” ), and actively dedicate each day to Him, and seek His aid / power when confronted by temptation. Believe me it’s been my experience over the years, that the Adversary (translated from Hebrew “Ha Satan”), doesn’t leave you alone just because you got freed, He’s going to intensify his efforts to trip you up, so be prepared, put on the whole armour of God,  resist the devil, and you will be victorious.

A side note, if you fall into any temptation (yield), immediately confess it to our heavenly Father, in order to be cleansed of all unrighteousness in Jesus’ name. In 1 John it’s written, “if we confess our sins, he’s faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. In Isaiah, God tells us, “Come let us reason together, though your sins be s scarlet they shall be white as snow”.

Then, remember, “there is now therefore NO condemnation, to those who walk NOT according to the flesh (and its desires) , but according /in the Spirit of Yeshua / Jesus the Messiah / Christ”.

This means once confessed sincerely, with a view to changing direction, moving away from sin towards Him, He not only forgives but cleanses from all sin and condemnation which it brings.

I may speak of this more as time permits in future – but remember God sees the heart, He knows our intents and desires, thus sincerity is key in repentance, and confession, then don’t let the enemy beat you up so to speak, once God forgives you, but tell him as did Jesus, “Get lost Satan”, because Yeshua / Jesus has delegated His authority to His believers.


Well here we are about to enter December, and another year seems to be hurtling to its end. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since the hoopla about the Mayan calendar, end of the world, etc, was the centre of attention.

Well it seems the world survived another year, but no doubt about it, it has become much worse. It reminds me of Isaiah’s words, “gross darkness shall cover the earth”. Mankind seems hell bent on darkening more and more, their understanding, so as not to have any knowledge of God, His truth, and the correct path to live on, both with each other, and in spirit with Him.

Just a note: this past weekend, I spent two days, at a seminar here in Hamilton, at the Courtyard Marriott. The teacher / leader of the seminar, was  Dean Clifford, a natural rights advocate, and educator of all who listen, about the Babylon world system we’ve been enslaved in by those who are greedy, power hungry, obsessed with control and domination, and deceitful above all.

Dean covered so much, that it was hard to absorb a lot, but thank God he’s had it recorded in HD and it will be available for streaming in the forums on his site @ deanclifford.info.  There’s a membership fee, tho inexpensive. I intend to watch it at least several times to grasp more.

If you don’t know your rights, then you can be deceived, manipulated, controlled. Dean spent a lot of time cross referencing the concepts of law and their roots in the bible as well as definitions in Black’s Law Dictionary -which he explained in plain layman’s terms.

At the end of the second day, the SWAT burst in and arrested him unlawfully, and we’re awaiting word on what’s happening now.

In stopping for now, I want to recommend some reading too.

The David Flynn Collection

Earth’s Earliest Ages (G H Pemberton)

True Legends (Steve Quayle)

musings Aug. 2013

I have been remiss in posting to the blog, as it seems time is flying by, and there’s so much to do, so much to keep abreast of, and so many things vying for attention.

Some updates in point form:

  1. The pace of lost liberty is accelerating very quickly. We should all pull our heads of the sand, and decide to do whatever we can, support whomever we can, in the cause of stemming the tide.. This also means we need to spend more time seeking God’s direction and revelation for not only ourselves, family, loved ones, but that He would somehow, intervene to change the course our nations are on.
  2. Inform yourself, then others, of the events and those behind the events, their goals, and galvanise into action to stand for truth, liberty , and morality.
  3. Know that as Sh’aul (Paul) said to Timothy, “perilous times shall come” and be prepared.
  4. We should all be thankful that there are those with consciences, like Brad Manning, and Ed Snowden, who when they see what they consider morally wrong take a stand against it, divulge it, and are suffering great personal cost for doing so. They’re brave, and heroes.
  5. Did you know the derivatives crisis causing the meltdown of ’08 was not something new coming out of nowhere? At a site called veteranstoday.com that it was perfected in the eighties during the Iran Contra era, and before, when a variant was used against farmers, and that it was bipartisan (Clintons, Bush Daddy, Leonard Millman, and others.

Just when I thought I’d learned most of what was important to know about the Power Elite, as Dr. Dennis Cuddy calls them, I start learning more from Dr. Stan Monteith’s “The Brotherhood of Darkness” tome.

Hopefully, I will get to putting more gleanings down before too long, In the meantime, I recommend the raiders news update site, Steve Quayle’s site, World Net Daily, News With Views, and of course, Veterans Today site.

A very important topic

I think it’s good to address a very important topic, that isn’t discussed much in services at which believers in Jesus gather. That topic is, “Pervasive All Out Attack”.

Ha Satan as the Hebrew people call him, our adversary, has been and is mounting, an all out full scale assault in these last days as the acceleration towards culmination of this earth epoch approaches. One area in particular, I want to address is “LUST” which as Alexander Backmann felt led to write, means, “Lucifer’s Ungodly Sexual Temptations”. He shares how the Holy Spirit revealed the true nature of the spirit(s) behind it. If anyone is familiar with the YouTube series by The Fuel Project (also same name on Facebook), entitled, “Know Thy Enemy”, they know what Alex is sharing is true. The 11 hour series – available on DVD- covers the origins, development, history, and current manifestations of evil, from the Fall of Lucifer to present day. It was the first series for me, that explained all the tie ins to ancient mystery religious cults, and their manifestations thru the ages. Nimrod, Semiramis, & Tammuz, Osiris, Isis,& Horus, Ishtar, Jezebel, Ashtoreth, Ashterah, RC Marian cult – wherein they elevate her to Queen of Heaven status – just a reworking of the Semiramis, Isis,etc gig.

I won’t cover what Alex covers so masterfully at this website, in the article at this link, http://alexanderbackman.com/sexual_addiction_end_times.htm

I will attest to the truth of if, that because proper foundations are all too often not being laid in the lives of new believers, they are not growing as they should, they’re in bondage to things they need to be delivered from (pornography addictions, fornication, masturbation, sexual gratification in ways and with those that God considers as sin).

The scripture says, “my people perish for lack of knowledge” and I know this is a huge problem. I think it’s also linked to “without a vision the people perish”. Without clear instruction laying a solid foundation, giving knowledge and a clear vision of God’s will, and how to walk in the light as He is the light, too many are stalled in their walk with Yeshua.

We tend to forget that He stated, “be ye holy as I am holy” and “without holiness no one shall see the Lord”. We don’t often hear sermons on this anymore. or on what’s expected of each of us, in order to walk in the power and light of Yeshua.

Here’s an interesting thought that came to me recently. A brother was sharing with me how Yeshua told us that He did not come to abolish/destroy the Law (Torah) but rather to fulfill (ie fill it full) it, in other words to fully express how to live pleasing to God keeping his commandments, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Remember, He said , “I only speak t hat which my Father shows me to speak, I only do what my Father shows me to do” and “I came not to do my will, but rather the will of my Father who sent me”.

It then struck me, was the reason Yeshua, walked in such power, authority, and mighty working of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit), because HE WAS FULLY OBEDIENT TO THE WILL OF YHWH THE FATHER? I believe that’s it!. I who have always been somewhat of a rebel, maverick, and chafed at obedience to authority, began to realise why YHWH was leading me these last few months in the paths of learning to follow / be obedient to His ordinances by seeking the aid of the Holy Spirit each day, It’s not a case of legalistic obligation, but because I love God and want to please Him, and have much remorse for how thick-headed stubborn and obstinate I have been at learning to walk in obedience. It makes sense to me why He said, “to obey is better than sacrifice”.

Don’t misunderstand me here, I am not claiming to have arrived, become perfected (even Yeshua learned obedience it says in Hebrews), or to have some new revelation. I am fully aware of how far I have to go and how many years were wasted in the wilderness. I am sharing this so that you, can be encouraged to “come out of her my people” ie Babylon, the Mother of Harlots, the Luciferian world system. Well until the next post, may YHWH bless you and keep you, and cause His face to shine upon you, and give you peace”

Musings –Early 2012

I have been remiss in updating the blog, thinking that there were many demands on my time, and probably no one reads the blog except me anyway .

I have been changing in my perspectives on many things quite a lot recently. I have been reading a site I found, daily, because I have found it to be one of the few alternative media type reporting sites. It’s called “The Daily Bell” and one thing I applaud it for, is its exposure of the “Anglosphere Elite” aka the “global banker elite” based in the “Square Mile” ie core, of London England, which is called the “City of London” – ie within the larger city of London. I was already well aware through some very thorough YouTuibers of these few families where most of the world’s wealth is concentrated and controlled. Some have paid a heavy price for their exposure of these, like Fritz Springmeier, who was jailed for 10 yr on trumped up falsified evidence and charges after he published his book “BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI”. Alex Jones had him on recently now that he’s been released, to discuss “Inner Workings of Secret Societies”.

Then there’s the more ambitious scope by a group called “The Fuel Project” which spans thousands of years, and is an 11 hour odyssey on video called “Know Thy Enemy” – the parts pertaining to the modern era (last 500 yr or so) elites is quite extensive starting with Mayer Rothschild in 1791 & Adam Weishaupt in 1773 – both Illuminati alumni with Adam being the founder I in name anyway) -right through to present day. It covers battles between the Rothschilds and US presidents over the establishing of a National Bank aka Federal Reserve type. When a US prez refused to re-charter such, then the Rothschilds would react with a huge vengeance – embroiling them in wars they had to finance via the banks controlled by Rothschilds.

This by the way, is just one small part of what has beenuncovered. The Illuminati are just one group used as a vehicle for the furtherance of the elite’s agenda, others include Bilderberg group, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Freemasonry, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, UN – especially UNESCO, and Agenda 21, central banks including the IMF, and the Vatican, to name a few.

It’s actually quite overwhelming, if you let it be, but one has to keep the perspective, that altho the elite want a NWO aka New World Order, aka global governance, that one of the biggest tools thwarting them and frustrating them has been the Internet Reformation – which the Daily Bell puts on par with the revolution brought about by Gutenberg’s press.

Still, above all that, God (YHWH), is still the supreme Lord of the Universe, and nothing is going to happen that will catch Him unawares. He did predict a NWO aka OWG (One World Gov’t) where people would be enslaved if they wanted to buy and sell, work, eat, etc. in the books of Daniel and the Revelation of St. John. People used to say “that’s unbelievable” – even I who was taught about this from an early age thought “how can this come about?:”, til I saw an interview with Aaron Russo, on YouTube, wherein he described becoming friends with the Rockefellers, and not giving it much thought, til one of them told him “we now have RFID chips that implantable in human wrists or foreheads, that, once we abolish cash, and currency, and move to digital remittance, will allow us to control the people because if they don’t fall into line with our agenda, or try to subvert our plans, we will turn off the RFID chips and they won’t have any means to buy or sell”. My immediate thought was John’s description of “the Mark of the Beast”  in each person’s wrist or forehead wherein they couldn’t buy or sell without it. Now, if there’s no God, Who is outside of time and its constraints, who as the bible says, “knows the end from the beginning”, how would John have received this explicit revelation over 2000 yr ago?

There’s going to be a final showdown according to John and Daniel, between the Light and the darkness, between the satanic forces and their controlled minions & Jesus Christ with His forces of Truth and Light, wherein He will triumph over them once and for all. I never thought, I would see the NWO predicted by the bible, take shape before my eyes in my lifetime, but it is.

The only salvation for any of us, will be to acknowledge and accept His Lordship over our lives, and to trust Him to provide what we need.